Apr 182014

Sometimes when you upgrade firmware of access points (AP) through the UniFi controller interface, AP hung in Upgrading state (eg UniFi AP PRO).
When you restart AP, it does not change state and AP does not reach.
In this case, you need to upgrade AP firmware via command line.
It is assumed the server is installed on Linux

  1. Determine controller version and firmware code:
    Version: execute command on the server

    ls -l /usr/lib/unifi/dl/firmware/BZ2/

    resulting directory is version number

    Firmware code determined by the table:

    AP Name Code
    UniFi AP BZ2
    UniFi AP-LR BZ2
    UniFi AP-Outdoor BZ2
    UniFi AP-Outdoor 5G BZ2
    PicoStation M2 BZ2
    UniFi AP-Pro U7P
    UniFi AP-AC U7E
    UniFi AP-AC Outdoor U7E
    UniFi AP-AC v2 U7E
    UniFi AP48-LR U2S48
    UniFi AP48 U2S48
    UniFi AP-Outdoor+ U2S48
  2. Enter to AP via ssh:
    ssh ubnt@ap.ip

    Login: ubnt
    Password: ubnt

  3. Execute command on AP:
    syswrapper.sh upgrade http://controller.ip:8080/dl/firmware/[firmware_code]/[controller_version]/firmware.bin

    E.g, for UniFi AP-Pro and controller version, command must be:

    syswrapper.sh upgrade http://controller.ip:8080/dl/firmware/U7P/

    After the AP’s firmware will be updated, it will be rebooted and after a while will be visible in the controller as a worked

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